welcome to
mikufan3939's miku hell! :)

coded on many different screens, but primarily on a 1920 x 1080 screen (125% zoom), alternating between chrome and firefox

because this is a vocal synth centric site and i have a weird perfectionist mindset, there's bound to be a variety of content. so some notes before you head on in here:

- not very mobile friendly as of now. it's viewable, but not the easiest to navigate
- swearing and discussions of mental illness will be heavily featured throughout this site. slightly suggestive subjects will also sometimes be mentioned, not shown or described, but still there nonetheless
- there are iframes on my blogs
- this page is an Eternal work in progress, i'll definitely fuck around with stuff over and over
- it's also said i'll sometimes take on periods of inactivity. not me abandoning my site, i just have other things to do lol

have a safe experience above all. if you don't like it, you can leave, no hard feelings

glad you're here, have fun :)

UPDATES 3/4/24: 3/9/24 new pblog post