first blog post on my website: update and the whole 'born in the wrong generation' thing (8/28/23)
wowww wow wowie i finally have a blog on my site. very cool

there isn't much to talk about here other then miku's birthday is coming up :) i have a few things i'm doing for it but it'll be on my site when the day comes. i have a few misc projects i'm working on but that's taking a lot longer then i thought it would. regardless, i'm having fun and doing whatever

unfortunately, i do bring a rant, which is sad but i've had this thought for a while so it feels necessary to get it out lol, and it's about people that like to yearn or consider themselves to 'be part of' an older generation when they aren't from that time

now, don't get me wrong, i understand the interest people have in media from a certain time or decade. i'm a history guy, i look into older media sometimes to gauge what the times were like then, specifically with music. but the people i'm talking about are the kinds of people that........ i guess 'romanticize(?)' a facet of an era or decade they're interested in, put down all other generations as 'stupid' and all associated technology as such as well, keep saying all the "back in My day" shit but were very much not from that time, wanted to live day to day life in those times, you can probably get where i'm coming from here

i have a good few thoughts on the subject (even talked with my older friends about the subject who weren't in the same 'era' as me, and they ended up sharing similar sentiments). but getting the elephant out of the room, that kind of behavior is seriously annoying at best and pretty much ignores issues from those times at worst

i don't think any human behavior is squaky clean and free of fault, and where that kind of 'generational yearning' behavior is the most especially present in the 20th century. i mainly describe it as "the rise of popular media consumption", with the invention of photos, radio, and video in the early 1900s, and tv, cds (+ things like walkmans), and the early computer and things like floppy disks in the later years. i feel the distribution of media like shows and movies, music videos, and vinyls/longplay records contributed heavily to this kind of behavior, and a thought of simply wondering what life really was back then definitely has piqued some people's interests with varying results

i don't really look back on previous decades with too much fondness? mainly with human rights issues, and since i'm mainly interested in music, it's been pretty much embedded in me since middle school to consume past content critically, and i feel like more people should do that. because obviously, a lot of the social standard back then was biased (speaking from an american perspective, shit was and still is fucked). these kinds of people i feel heavily disregard how hard living is in any generation because a lot of decades were So much worse to live in then it is now, and people from various minority backgrounds have more of a say in that kind of topic because the media is meant to look desirable. we as humans learn and pretty much are supposed to grow and evolve, if we stayed in one place evolution wise everything would be really fucking miserable lol

you really don't have to force yourself into a generation because of something you like. i know it all manifests from bias but from my perspective there are areas of eras that are beneficial for very very different music. obviously we can't disregard the media from the 20th century that shaped the industry into what it is now but it's the same thing today, movies like spiderverse with a stop-motion feel and style and music growing more minimalist(? i think it's the right word) are all a result of evolutions shaping the industry. things aren't 'worse' today just because you don't like it, it's just how we're supposed to deal with the concept of evolution

i could go on more about this but i feel like i've written enough and i think i'll write in detail about this another day lol. tldr don't be annoying about hating the generation you were born in because you have a bias, just enjoy what you want, have fun with what you like and stuff, and do your research if you really feel the need to claim you'd be better off in a different generation or something (because honestly all of them are flawed, it's just media that makes older generations more desirable, not to be pessimistic or anything)

aaaaand that's pretty much all i feel like writing about. being on neocities has been fun and i like seeing stuff from other people. looking at blogs is like me reading a newspaper but for really mundane (or sometimes big) stuff and i like it like that. tune in next month when my birthday comes up or something