valentines day stuff :) plus doing more with my site and stuff (2/13/24)
wooooo valentines is tomorrow :) i forgot to write letters to my partner and closest friends (procrastination and executive dysfunction is awesome i can totally be trusted with unmedicated adhd) so i'm writing them today and they Definitely won't arrive on time but whatever. fuck you

rapid fire update: trying to archive some art and cat photos for their respective pages. they won't be cssed or anything for now since i want it to be easier on myself (see my neocities profile) but yeah. It's there. it's coming. Also anniversary is very very soon :) currently i'm studying and doing irl stuff so it hasn't been on my mind as of late but again. It's coming. something will happen. pinkie promise

uhhhh i think that's it? maybe another blog post this month idk, i really need to blog more and finish my vocal synth writings. until then i will probably lay down low a little more because studying (again)