new year new me :) (1/2/2024)
happy 2024 :) this is more of an update log but i'll have more stuff to say at some point

i do have some new years resolutions but a lot are a bit personal, but there are stuff i Do feel comfortable sharing (like getting better at vocaloid4 and taking it more seriously). additionally, i get to graduate soon. life isn't getting much better but i'm getting by as much as i can, trying my best to look at the bright side of things

besides that, i started using mmd! really only to shitpost but it's pretty fun to actually make stuff instead of just watching videos for years on end. i simply like making stuff, i'm very easy to please

another day i'll make a media recap for 2023, i just have to remember stuff and that isn't my forte lol

sorry for such a short entry, hopefully i'll get the media recap out soon thumbs up