the year is almost over, time to say stuff (12/21/23)
wow. 2023 was not my year at all lol. sorry for such a short entry, i don't have a lot to say

soon i'll have to face the idea of being an adult and a functioning member of society. i'm graduating in less then a month, and i'm looking for a job. life is becoming a lot more real, it's hitting me only now that soon i won't be a kid anymore

i'm not ready to grow up, i never have been, but i'm going to have to. i've reflected on how much as a kid i didn't take my memories for granted and i wish i could go back in time and experience them again. but i also know i have to walk towards the future, it's not healthy for me to stay stuck in the past

in the meantime i'll do what i can to improve my life. sometimes i wish i was similar to lain in the way i can be in the internet, even if i'm forgotten, at least i'll be somewhat safer. i love the internet like it's my home

i'll probably update with a longer entry later, so i'll sign off here. feel free to take a look at this site, i think it's important