2023 media recap (finally!!!!!!) (1/20/24)
OK. WHEW. we're back

now i can't entirely say i have every media down because i have godawful memory, and that ties in to how much media i remember as well. But i hope i got everything i could

some summaries are short to avoid spoilers, proceed with caution on some. Hopefully you'll enjoy these summaries, and maybe you'll find something new to pick up :)

NOTE: movies are not here. please check my letterboxd for movie specific media. as time passes i may make a myanimelist for media and recap everything (including movies) next year. Who knows)

media i finished

- banana fish (anime) - fucking destroyed me, so bad i hyperfixated on it for a month straight. such an insane experience if you finish it in one sitting, seriously amazing. iirc the manga does a lot better in handling other characters that got sidelined a little but regardless it's a cornerstone in both thriller and gay media that deserves where it's at, albeit very dated

- boku no otto ni deau made / until i meet my husband (manga) - the manga was easier for me to read since adhd is kicking me in the ass but i did read some notes about things left out from the original book. really amazing autobiography but i recommend the novel a lot more, obviously since it’s the source material but you’ll also get a lot more out of it

- boku wa mari no naka / inside mari (manga) - interesting read. it was definitely an Experience if i ever read one. i have no real thoughts about it besides Huh but yeah. Huh

- buddy daddies - all the gay x family jokes aside this show was great, seeing the characters overcome their personal traumas and trying to do the best they can for miri is gut wrenching but so good + having a plus sized character that isn’t sexualized for existing and is decently written? Awesome. kyuchan best character, banger op song written by ayase as well God i love ayase

- dansei kyoufushou datta watashi ga av jouyu ni naru made no hanashi / my story before i, who was scared of males, became a porn actress - i don’t have much to say other than i really hope she’s doing okay now. this is a very heavy manga and i don’t recommend if you’re sensitive to heavy traumatic experiences

- fukakai na boku no subete o / love me for who i am - recommended this from people on ye olde cities, man it was good. as a story about queer exploration, diversity in queerness, and portrayals in transphobia, i think it was amazing, though i do think pacing and characterization was weird at points. shout out to mogumo for literally existing i love you

- hanayome wa motodanshi. / the bride was a boy. - a really heartwarming trans autobiography. i love how positive chii is with her writing and love for her husband. i’ve read this over and over and i’ll definitely read it again

- kieta hatsukoi / my love mix-up! (manga) - really just an amazingly sweet manga. it really subverted my expectations and i love how everything plays out, all the characters are super interesting and so fun to read. i can’t explain it without spoilers so i encourage you to read the manga, it also has a drama you can torrent wink wink nudge nudge

- otokonoko doushi renaichu. / two otokonoko are currently in love. - an interesting autobiography about a crossdressing former av actor and his partner that also crossdresses. it’s a good inlook into the av industry and crossdressing in general + the otokonoko and trans experience. there’s a long note at the end of the manga and it’s an interesting read also. i enjoyed the story being someone that likes to read about real experiences. i'm wishing the author (kaoru) luck in his writing, i’d love to read more

- paradox live the animation - this show was a choice. God i have a lot of gripes with it but to prevent this from getting insanely long i’ll just say: if you’re planning on getting into paradox live this is Not where you should start. this video by tenkei-sensei explains a lot of how i feel and i recommend watching his channel in general if you want to get to know paradox live from the lens of the source material but don't feel like listening to all the voice dramas

- sabishisugite les fuuzoku ni ikimashita repo / my lesbian experience with loneliness - i fell in love with nagata kabi’s work after this. amazing manga, i recommend everyone read this

media i started

- ace attorney trilogy - i lost my save file at turnabout samurai...... so far i’m having a lot of fun with it

- carole & tuesday - i stopped halfway through because i needed a break since i binged it in literally one night. very interesting show and i love how it's going so far, plus the music is great and that's going to draw me in no matter what lol

- genjitsu no yohane / yohane the parhelion: sunshine in the mirror - I KEEP PUSHING BACK WATCHING THE LAST FEW EPISODES. rarely do you ever get an official au of a franchise and it’s very fun. plus the songs are bangers and i watched a live performance when the seiyuu performed as the au aqours. love aqours heart emoji

- haruhi suzumiya no yuuutsu / the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya (anime) - i’m going in broadcast order since i heard it was the ideal way to watch and watched 3 episodes so far but idk if i can finish it. i started loving haruhi (the character) but she’s getting a bit tiring to keep up with. i’ll keep watching but i’m heavily considering dropping it

- hourou musuko / wandering son (anime) - only watched episode 1 because i was busy. overall i love the artstyle and storyline as a coming of age type deal but with a primarily queer cast

- jujutsu kaisen (anime, finished hidden inventory arc only) - leave it to meek to get attached to the background characters. this show makes me feel like shit but it’s fun

- kawaii dake janai shikimori-san / shikimori's not just a cutie (anime) - cute :) i’ve wanted to watch it since it first came out but put off watching for an insanely long time because my brain has a weird procrastination problem but it’s fine. The anime is finished now so it’s worth it

- kimi no sekai ni koi wa nai / is love the answer? - i rarely ever see media themed around asexuality at all, let alone in manga, so i bought it immediately. overall i enjoyed it so far but i also forgot to finish it so i’m hoping it’s still good from when i forgot to finish

- komi-san wa, commushou desu. / komi can't communicate (anime) - fun and funny and sweet. That’s all i really have to say atm. i’m a firm believer in the tadakominaji polycule

- nijiyon animation - fun :) idk why i stopped watching it just kind of happened halfway through

- peach and her papas - you can tell this was recommended by my partner since i’m not a webcomic guy but Man. Man. emotions were had. it continued after i finished the first arc(?) and i couldn’t pick it up after that. procrastination is awesome

- seibetsu X / X-gender (finished volume 1) - an honestly relatable read about an X-gender mangaka. it’s explicit at times but provides a learning experience for people who don’t know and a relatable experience for those who do know. Really good

- tian guan ci fu / heaven's official blessing season 2 - i was going to watch this to catch up with the novels because i am named adhd and get sleepy anytime i read, but after 2 episodes i forgot to finish it. Thumbs up. i totally know what i’m doing all the time

- uleong-gangdo / robber x lover - another thing i started because of my partner but i got very bored for some reason. maybe i’ll pick it up again

secret third thing (media with a story not in stuff like anime and books that's not finished yet)

- limbus company - i played it before and it’s perfect for me who can’t really handle project moon’s more “complex” titles. don’t think i’ll be playing lobcorp or library of ruina since limbus is all i can really handle (and even then i don’t play that much)