last blog post for probably a while (10/20/23)
so uh. the title is a bit confusing and a bit worrying and it is Considerably Worrying. i know i said i wanted to be more active on this blog, but i got hit with the worst wave of depression and an even worse wave of legal bullshit

my family is getting sued for 500k for something my mom didn't do. while i won't get into any personal details because my life is no one else's business, needless to say we're all stressed out. the lawsuit in question is from this christian pastor guy that's hellbent on making me and my family's lives hell because we don't like him and his stance on trans rights. we aren't the only people being sued either and it's fucking tiring. we haven't been served yet, but there will be a court date decided soon

i can't really say much else about it because i'm paranoid about being used, but i'm putting it here so people can know why i haven't been entirely there and possibly as a reason why i'll have to discontinue the site for a while. i'm so scared and i feel so weak. all i wanted was a place to go to school and some privileged guy can sway the audience and make it look like my suffering makes him look bad. i'm so fucking tired. i want to sleep knowing i'll wake up and be allowed to fucking live, but the rest of my family is having it worse and i can't do anything

why can't life just be okay, why can't people twice my age stay in their fucking lane and stop bullying and mocking me for existing. i just want to live how i want to but no one fucking listens. i want to go home