i started working on this for your birthday, and i'm definitely going to end up adding more stuff to this later, but i made this based on things i've learned about you over the year or so. without being too sappy, i'm just sincerely happy i get to be with you. your presence is comforting and makes me feel warm, and i almost always end up smiling when i talk to you
i genuinely hope i can spend as many years as possible with you and i'm excited to see you again. it sucks that we can't do regular couple stuff together because distance is an ass, but i'm still happy with whatever we're able to do now. anything with you is just insanely fun and makes me so happy
i'm trying not to repeat what i've already said in these special events, but i love you so much and i miss you everyday. i can't wait to be able to hug you again. happy birthday :)
mikameek ship moment
mikulen (vocaloid) tomohina (ensemble stars) yuupomu (love live nijigasaki high school idol club) rinpana (love live school idol project) seinoah (ichu) akeshu (persona) iruclara (mairimashita iruma-kun) emunene (project sekai) utasuke (actors songs connection)