my clique page
most of this is mainly to practice pixel art while still being involved on the wider web and having fun, so if you see a miku related thing in a clique, it's probably me

charm bracelets pixel club
a cool pixel charm bracelet project. since i was practically an outcast in school i never really experienced the ability to trade bracelets, so this was a nice change of pace

A shiny silver charm that says AWHE in capital letters. Three mini charms are linked underneath. The first is a purple egg, the second is a red heart, and the third is a pink DS.A charm of Hatsune MikuA smiley face charm that's winking, giving a double peace sign, and has their tongue out, underneath it is the word HAPPY

A charm of circles with June above it and two hearts below itA charm of baubles with garnet inside and XANDRA hanging underneath

A charm of static hearts in a row with a plate that says CBPC to indicate the existence of the pixel club
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