chibi miku, illustration by kei

[ meek's vocal synth info ]

favorite synths (only limited to one software)

vocaloid: hatsune miku, flower, kobayashi matcha, macne nana
utau: defoko, momone momo, there are definitely more
synthesizer v: medium5, koharu rikka, saki, asterian
cevio: kafu, #kzn, popy
neutrino: kotonoha akane and aoi

favorite artists: tsumiki, deco*27, syudou, steaka, ryo, inabakumori, tohma (i will definitely add more my favorite artist changes every week)
currently on repeat: sheeno mirin, john, suisoh, vane, oddeeo

i've been into vocal synths for about 6 years now, which isn't exactly a long time, but i like to believe it was around the time vocal synths started to gain a lot more popularity then it had for years prior

i enjoy a lot more "classic" music and mascot-driven songs, however i have a wide variety of songs i enjoy that aren't limited to older tracks, but to be more blunt, i'm not one of those "gatekeepy" fans that think new fans are cringe or hate modern vocal synth music and stuff like that. let people be cringe. i was cringe. and new music is not bad. Open your eyes and look into the light

hatsune miku has been and always will be my favorite vocal synth, but most of what i write will be unbiased. some of what i write will be somewhat opinionated in certain aspects, but i will make it as objective as possible. facts will obviously be presented when need be

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