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hatsune miku 15th anniversary preciality plush
hatsune miku magical mirai 2016 plush
a drawing of meek, an individual with curly hair, dark eye circles, blue headphones, and an all black tshirt and jacket. they are looking at the audience with a neutral face
helloooo, i am mikufan3939, also known as meek (coincidentally, not named after miku lol). i'm a self-proclaimed otaku and 2d idol connoisseur with the worst attention span known to mankind. i'm a huge beginner in the ways of coding, so i hope you can be patient with the clunky layouts for now

i sort of started this website so i could make a miku themed "corner" for myself. while i don't plan to have this site exclusively dedicated to miku, she'll mostly be the one taking over this site. miku has been my favorite character for 6 years now, and i hope it can show throughout my site. i plan to host a network of vocaloid history throughout all the web projects i take on, so feel free to explore my vocal synth centric blog (once i start to write more lol)

being on the internet as young as 7 years old (note to parents: don't do that to your kids), i've run into vocaloid and it's music before in young fandom spaces on youtube, but i was fully introduced to the concept of vocaloid and miku when i was around 10 years old, through the infamous world is mine performance from 39s giving day 2010. since then, i've been hooked onto vocaloid, vocal synth music, and the culture surrounding it. even though i've explored many voicebanks and various music genres, miku has remained my favorite vocal synth, and i don't see that changing in the future

for the important information: my favorite vocaP is tsumiki (please go listen to his music) and my favorite voca illustrator is rella

i have 5 cats and they are my children. you will like them by default

if you wish to contact me for any reason, please do so through my cbox. i have little public social media presence (and don't plan to have any in the future). if you can't do so through cbox, feel free to use the email loserfromreallife@gmail.com , though i cannot guarantee i can respond immediately

some questions:
"what are your thoughts on sns?" the age old question. besides obvious criticisms like capitalism and web 3.0 i genuinely don't care, and i've curated my experience enough to stop caring and have a healthy relationship with sns (i wouldn't be on tumblr otherwise), though i am a lot happier on my website

"can i copy/reference your code?" i really don't encourage copying but i somewhat encourage referencing (i say somewhat because my code is insanely messy and i don't recommend going off it alone). feel free to reference visually though, i love simple looking sites

"what merch/figures do you have?" aha i have a Lot of fucking merch it's kind of embarrassing. i'll add an image later but my room is 90% miku, 6 years in the making. i'm aiming for a job but just know my family is not well off (hence embarassment lol)

"what games do you play?" mainly rhythm games because it's the only thing i'm good at, though i try to indulge in as many genres as i can

"favorite animanga genres?" idol, music, and queer stuff (mainly BL + GL). all the other stuff i like is probably something my partner or friends recommended to me lol

"do you have a discord?" yeah but i reserve it mainly for friends/people i feel close enough to share it with
17 years old (sept 27)
they/them, transgender and fully unlabeled
white, eng (fluent) & jpn (intermediate)
autism + adhd, disabled, mentally ill
taken by my wonderful partner, mika :)

stuff will go here i promise lol

an image of miku's chibi in project sekai, on top of it is the text 'I've hired miku to stare at you', replacing 'miku' in the sentence with the chibi image
i don't have many boundaries, i don't appreciate hateful content and bigotry on my site (and i don't tolerate it either) and that should be a given

i will NOT tolerate music with morally terrible messaging, producers that have done morally terrible things (and ones that i'm personally uncomfortable with due to those actions), or the song senbonzakura by kurousaP and any songs similar in nature

be critical and mature about the media you consume. if you can't accept that, this site is not for you. sorry
a 'which hatsune miku nendoroid are you?' quiz result: 'Congratulations! You are... Hatsune Miku. Wow! you're the star of all the models! That means you're a great person with an angelic voice, you have lots of true friends and a balanced life. Wow, you're living the perfect social life! But just remember to continue being a true frienda blue userbox of hatsune miku smiling and pointing slightly at the viewer. the text says 'this user adores hatsune miku'
my identity as a "webmaster" is sort of weird because i kind of am one in terms of definition, but it isn't a label i'm personally comfortable identifying as. webmasters are awesome and i love the label, don't get me wrong, but i don't think i'd consider myself one? i'm simply a person that likes miku and wanted to identify myself with what i love the most. obviously there are people similar to me that do use the term webmaster, but that's just me

i use "webmaster" to describe myself generically since i do love to help people maintain websites, but otherwise i don't consider myself a master. i am a jack of all trades and a master of enough to only to improve how i can
sakkac craft's album cover

music player code by adilene.net
album: sakkac craft by tsumiki

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