miku v4x promo image, illustration by ixima
helloooo, i am mikufan3939, also known as meek (coincidentally, not named after miku lol). i'm a huge beginner in the ways of coding, so i hope you can be patient with the clunky layouts for now

i sort of started this website so i could make a miku themed "corner" for myself. while i don't plan to have this site exclusively dedicated to miku, she'll mostly be the one taking over this site. miku has been my favorite character for almost 6 years now, and i hope it can show throughout my site

for the important information: my favorite vocaP is tsumiki (please go listen to his music) and my favorite voca illustrator is rella

other stuff about me: i like idols (mainly 2d idols), drawing, singing, dancing, rhythm games (mostly on mobile since i suck on other platforms), languages, and spongebob squarepants. i play online games + watch anime and read manga (mainly BL + GL and other queer related titles) from from time to time

i'm preparing for future volunteer work with cats. Speaking of which i have 4 cats and they are my children you will like them by default

if you wish to contact me for any reason, please do so through my cbox. i have little to no social media prescence (and don't plan to have any in the future). if you can't do so through cbox, feel free to use the email loserfromreallife@gmail.com , though i cannot guarantee i can respond immediately
16 years old (sept 27)
they/them exclusively only if i do not know you personally, mspec aroace and nonbinary
white american (virginia), eng (fluent) & jpn (intermediate)
adhd + autism, disabled, mentally ill, part of an osdd-1b system
taken by my wonderful partner :)

interests and favorite characters

vocal synths: hatsune miku, kobayashi matcha, medium5 cast, pretty much everyone
love live!: ayumu uehara (nijigaku oshi) , maki nishikino, hanayo koizumi, aqours 3rd years, sumire heanna, kinako sakurakoji, mei yoneme, tomari onitsuka, mira-cra park!
ensemble stars!!: niki shiina, hiiro amagi, rinne amagi (alkakureiP) , 2wink, tomoya mashiro
i don't have many boundaries/dni criteria, i don't appreciate hateful content and bigotry on my site (and i don't tolerate it either) and that should be a given

i will NOT tolerate content of nor the mention of vocaloid music that sexualizes minor characters, producers that have done morally terrible things (and ones that i'm personally uncomfortable with due to those actions), or the song senbonzakura by kurousaP and any songs similar in nature. i will not tolerate adult x minor ships or related songs either. please respect my boundaries

be critical and mature about the media you consume, if you can't accept that, this page is not for you. sorry
ok take me back now
5 chibi miku v3s, art by ixima
[the vocaloid songs by pinnochioP]