currently, me and miku are the same age
i know now that the thrill of looking up to a character i loved so much when i was so very young, who was barely even an adult, is now passing by
i turn 17 this year, and i’ll finally be older than her character
miku felt more than just some 16 year old girl to help market software to me and a lot of people. she felt like my friend, my sister, someone i could rely on when my days sucked, someone i felt understood me better than anyone else
but i know that with every miku song, there’s someone or many others behind it, and a handful of people did or continue to feel the same way i do
ever since i met miku, i never really questioned myself or thought that i was ‘insane’ for being attached to nothing but an artist that couldn’t sing on her own. she was just music, something i could listen to and get my spirits up again, and it was something i was so happy to keep doing for the next 6 years
because of miku, i could unmask. i was able to get back into my passion for art, i was able to meet my friends and lovely partner, i was able to gain confidence and be free to sing her songs to everyone, i was able to have a reason to start this site
i can proudly say i owe a lot to miku and others that have used her and loved her just as much as i do now
happy birthday, miku

- meek, august 30th, 2023

while getting into vocaloid in late 2017, i related myself a little to the pink flower character in hachi's suna no wakusei (dune)

i was a newcomer in an otherwise 'dying' scene, excited about this thing that various people have laid their mark on, and it was my turn to follow and contribute, and more importantly, see where it was going next

and sure enough, it's still going strong, with more and more new people coming in, becoming a pink flower like i once was, and using her creatively to their hearts content

even though i barely even thought (and still don't think) that vocal synths are dying, i hope more people can love and appreciate miku and the people that make her come to life